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Ideas for Arranging Your Art and Photos

Larger frames should be placed in the center to create a focal point.  Create a gallery or formal look by surrounding the frames with smaller frames and aligning the outter edges.  

 Display frames on shelves or ledges.  The frames in the group do not need to be the same.  Staggering and overlapping the frames keeps it interesting.


The upward angle of the frames should match the angle of the stairs. Again, larger frames should create the focal point with smaller frames acting as accents.  Notice how the corners of the smaller frames are placed in relation to the focal point (dotted line).

 A properly hung staircase display is quite appealing!

  Well lit artwork is more dramatic and has more importance.  Unlit hallways can be very unflattering for artwork and family photos.  A simple track light will make a world of difference!

A small photo or piece of art on a wall by itself will tend to be lost and might look very odd.  Group several items into a cluster that is better proportioned to the wall.

 Don't forget to think of non-frame items like the clock in this photo.


Two horizontal frames can work very well with two vertical frames.  Notice the outer edges are all lined up allowing for a well balanced presentation.

Framing each piece rather than putting all the pieces in one frame will add importance.  Flowers and many other items can be framed with glass front and back allowing the wall to show through and the flowers to "float" off the wall.

 Get Creative!


Offsetting a set of pictures will give you more of a casual look.  For more of a formal look, hang your pictures in a straight line as in the illustration above.

This hallway has added appeal with this set of 6 prints set up in a vertical fashion.  For a more casual look, use frames that are not all the same, some with mats and some without and don't line up the outter edges.   

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