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Custom Mirrors

Our custom beveled mirror prices are exceptional; our stock framed mirror prices are unreal. People often ask if they are mis-marked.

Framed mirrors can be built to an exact size to fit the space on your wall. Just give the us the outside "edge-to-edge" dimension of the space you want to cover on your wall, and pick out the frame -- we'll do the rest!

Custom mirrors are a great opportunity to coordinate multiple design elements in a room - combine the cool finish of your fixtures with the warmth or texture of your tile color. Pick up a rich wood grain with the added elegance of bronze beading. Nearly all our frames can be "stacked" to create breathtaking, unique designs. If you have samples of the design elements you'd like to pick up in the mirror frame, bring them in -- custom mirrors create stunning pieces of furniture that beautify and enlarge your space, and our designers help you create the perfect combination.

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