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Q: Are you a franchise?

A: Actually, we are a local, family owned and operated business. 

Q: Are you the frame shop I heard about on the radio all the time?

If you've heard good things, then yes - that's us!

Q: Can your service really be that much different that the frame shop I've been going to?

A: Our designers are not here to be high pressure sales tools.  In fact, we don't pay on commission for that reason. We can create great framing designs while still working with your budget. 
Q: How do you keep your prices so low? Are you using cheap products?

A: We get this one a lot. The answer is that we just make better buys than other frame shops. We buy boxes and truckloads direct from manufacturers instead bits and pieces of from distributors.
Q: Do you sell to the public?

A: Absolutely! We started out selling to galleries, designers, etc. but now serve the needs of everyone.
Q: Do you have designers to help me choose what's best for my art?

A: Yes. We don't just speed them through a two day class and call them qualified. You will notice a difference in the knowledge and experience at Wholesale Art & Framing.
Q: Can you give quotes over the phone?

It is difficult to estimate a price without knowing exactly what items we will be using, but call us up and we will get as close as we can.

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